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July 11, 2011
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Ichigo Shimeji by miiChaneko Ichigo Shimeji by miiChaneko
I finally finished him! :dummy:
My first Shimeji~

You need Java + Windows
After downloading, you just need to un-RAR and then click on Shimeji.exe


Right click Menu:
1. One more shimeji
2. Come to mouse
3. Kill all but one
4. Get back the Internet (after it's thrown away)
5. Exit

I used ~kyuyoukai's Shimejis as a reference :3

Don't ask for other characters, I WON'T do them -.-
It was a lot of work^^

Ichigo Shimeji (c) by me
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It works perfectly :D They're so cute.
I tried to add it to my Shimeji group but it expired D:

Could you submit it yourself if able, please? :dummy:

:iconshimejidesktoppets: We really want this wonderful piece there! :huggle:
TheGreyDemon Jul 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I have over 40 of this guy on my screen right now. Thank the gods you did this XD
itzdjjang May 9, 2013  Student Artist
I just wanna ask how to make one of those? and btw thanks for that cute shimeji of yours . . .
that looks soooo cute...
I always wanted to have one and now that I found this one - it doesn't work o.O
I downloaded it, I un-rar-ed it and I clicked on the little computer-symbol shimeji.exe and nothing happens T____T
no little Ichigos on my screen...
I have Java and I have windows, so why doesn't it work?
Please make somebody Urahara good quality! Please!!
Eeeeee I got him working! Haha I just dropped one of my Hichigos next to Ichigo and Ichigo ran to the other side of the screen, then multiplied. Now the second one is thinking of being King and Hichi is clinging to the side of the screen. Hehehe I love them!! :D /squeeeees
AUSOtaku Mar 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I used to have trouble with Shimeji but then I figured out a way to have the options in english and make it work. First you need an english shimijee like this one.
If you don't want the character its fine. after extracting, launch Shimijee-ee. if it works fine then you are all good.
Then... go into ichigo's extracted file and go into the img file. copy all the pics and paste them into Naruto's img file inside a new folder. i reccommend naming the folder ichigo but whatever. Then you are done!
Ok, i've got a doubt! I've dowloaded, but how can I turn into .exe? Please, tell me that there's no need of Winrar!
DragonGirl9897 Feb 13, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
I have java and windows, both are 100% updated, but it doesn't open when I click on the Shimegi.exe. Any suggestions?
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